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How to choose between corded or cordless drill machine in Nepal?

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Confused between Cordless drill or the corded drills ?

With wide varieties of drills machines available in the market it gets confusing to choose the best for your DIY project. Hardwarepasal is here to guide you on the top picks for your tools according to your DIY requirements.

Both the drill machines are used for drilling holes and driving screws into most materials except heavy concrete surface. The main rationale of possessing a cordless drill machines for your DIY work is its handy nature as you can take it anywhere, where as the corded drill machines needs to have electricity or an extension multi plug.

The range of voltage size of cordless drills available is 12 V and 18 V. Battery backup is always better of higher volt drill machines. Its always a wise decision to buy a cordless drill machine that comes with extra battery.

Benefits of using corded drill machines over cordless drill machines is that it consistently provides higher power. Its also ideal for tougher jobs and heavier workloads. If you are looking for drilling on concrete surface then choose impact drill machines. Impact drills can be found both cordless and corded. Impact drills are also ideal drill machines for home use as it also has hammering option.

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