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Magnetic Label & cable tie

Cable tie 4.8×100mm White
Rs. 180.00
Total 12 inches Spirit level TMT2306
Rs. 1,100.00
Cable tie 4.8×300mm White
Rs. 380.00
Cable tie 4.8×250mm White
Rs. 310.00
Cable tie 4.8×500mm
Rs. 690.00
Cable tie 4.8×450mm
Rs. 610.00
Cable tie 4.8×200mm
Rs. 230.00
Cable tie 4.8×150mm
Rs. 190.00
Cable tie 4.8×400mm
Rs. 535.00 Rs. 494.00 Save 8 %
Cable tie 4.8×350mm
Rs. 460.00 Rs. 423.00 Save 8 %
Cable tie 4.8×300mm
Rs. 380.00 Rs. 352.00 Save 7 %
Cable tie 4.8×250mm
Rs. 310.00 Rs. 282.00 Save 9 %
Ingco 60cm Spirit level (With powerful magnets) HSL38060M
Rs. 1,148.00 Rs. 1,090.00 Save 5 %
Ingco 40 cm Spirit level (With powerful magnets) HSL38040M
Rs. 792.00 Rs. 752.00 Save 5 %
Bosi Mini Level BS111930
Rs. 300.00
Magnetic level (9 inch)
Rs. 190.00

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Magnetic Label & cable tie |Hand tools|

Hand tools is a device which operates with bare hand without any electricity and power. Cable tie material - Nylon it consists of a toothed nylon strip with a one-way ratcheting hole at one end. Allow you to securely organize any group of cables or wires. Cable tie is high quality hand tool. You can find cable tie in black & white color at hardwarepasal in Nepal.

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