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Battery charger & tester

Milwaukee 12Volt Battery M12B2
Rs. 4746
Milwaukee 18V 2.0Ah Battery x1 +12v Charger M12NRG-201
Rs. 13560
Milwaukee 12V 4.0Ah Battery x2 +12V Charger M12NRG-402
Rs. 25425
Milwaukee 18V 5.0Ah Battery Only M18B5
Rs. 16611
Milwaukee 18V 5.0Ah Battery x2 + 18V Rapid Charger M18NRG-502
Rs. 42375
Milwaukee 18V 5.5Ah Battery x2 +18V Rapid Charger M18HNRG-552
Rs. 45200
Milwaukee 18V 9.0Ah Battery x2 + 18V Rapid Charger M18NRG-902
Rs. 55370
Milwaukee 18V 12.0Ah Battery x2 + 18V Rapid Charger M18HNRG-122
Rs. 107350
Milwaukee 12V Battery Pack LI-ION  M12B2
Rs. 4746
Milwaukee NRG KIT IN2 M12NRG-201
Rs. 13560
Milwaukee NRG KIT IN2 M12NRG-402
Rs. 25425
Milwaukee NRG KIT IN2 M18NRG-502
Rs. 42940
Milwaukee NRG KIT IN2 M18HNRG552
Rs. 45765
Milwaukee NRG KIT IN2 M18HNRG-122
Rs. 109610
Total 12/24 Volt Battery Charger TBC1601
Rs. 5310
Worksite Battery Charger BSC104
Rs. 9790

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