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Waterproofing Product

DR. Fixit 20Kg Power Crete
Rs. 6302 Rs. 5700 Save 10 %
DR. Fixit 5Kg Superlatex
Rs. 3050
DR. Fixit 12Kg Fastflex
Rs. 3500
DR. Fixit 1LT Sure Seal
Rs. 553
DR. Fixit 5LT Sure Seal
Rs. 2530
DR. Fixit 3Kg Pidifin 2K
Rs. 900
DR. Fixit 9Kg Pidifin 2K
Rs. 2200
DR. Fixit 15Kg Pidifin 2K
Rs. 3700
DR. Fixit 1Kg Superlatex
Rs. 3050
DR. Fixit 20Kg Superlatex
Rs. 11724
DR. Fixit 200ml Pidiproof  LW+
Rs. 68

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At hardwarepasal you will get DR. Fixit 20Kg Power Crete, DR. Fixit 5Kg Super latex, DR. Fixit 20LT Torch shield Primer, DR. Fixit 10M*1M Torch shield AG 305, DR. Fixit 30Kg Polypus CP Admix (K, DR. Fixit 25Kg Polypus CP (Krystal, DR. Fixit 12Kg Fast flex, DR. Fixit 1LT Sure Seal, DR. Fixit 5LT Sure Seal, DR. Fixit 3Kg Pidifin 2K, DR. Fixit 9Kg Pidifin 2K, DR. Fixit 15Kg Pidifin 2K, DR. Fixit 1Kg Super latex, DR. Fixit 20Kg Super latex, DR. Fixit 500GM Waterproof Powder, DR. Fixit 200ml Pidiproof LW+, DR. Fixit 1LT Pidiproof LW+, DR. Fixit 5LT Pidiproof LW+, DR. Fixit 10LT Pidiproof LW+ and DR. Fixit 20LT Pidiproof LW+. For details you can visit our website

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