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Stapler and Pin

Deli 50mm Paper Clips
Rs. 115
Kangaro 23/10-H Stapler Pin
Rs. 90
Kangaro 24/6-1M Stapler Pin
Rs. 60
Eagle Plastic Stapler S5151B
Rs. 207
Kangaro Stapler 10
Rs. 65
Kangaro Stapler HS-45P
Rs. 205
Kangaro Stapler HS-10EN
Rs. 180
Kangaro 23/15-H Staple Pin
Rs. 90
Stapler Pin 13mm 1/2" 12/13H
Rs. 75
Colourful Map Pin
Rs. 50

Stapler and pin – Buy office essentials online |Hardwarepasal|

You can buy stapler and pin online in Nepal at Select your favorite stapler and pin and get it delivered. You can place an order through our website You can visit the website for details and description regarding stapler and pin.

Office essentials online in Nepal –

Stapler and pin: Stapler and pin is a device that joins pages of paper or similar material. Staplers are widely used in government, business, offices, work places, homes and schools. You can get amazing deals and discounts in stapler and pin  at hardwarepasal. Hardwarepasal has cash on delivery option available for Kathmandu valley customers.

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