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High Pressure Washer

Ingco 1400 watt high pressure washer
Rs. 13,000.00 Rs. 11,000.00 Save 15 %
Dingqi 1400Watt High Pressure Washer 106002
Rs. 11,500.00 Rs. 10,500.00 Save 9 %
MPT 1400watt High Pressure Washer MHPW1403
Rs. 11,000.00 Rs. 10,500.00 Save 5 %
Dingqi 1700Watt High Pressure Washer 106001
Rs. 12,000.00
High Pressure Washer (Heavy)
Rs. 10,000.00
High pressure washer 1400 watt
Rs. 13,000.00 Rs. 11,500.00 Save 12 %
Ingco 2000watt high pressure washer
Rs. 20,000.00 Rs. 18,500.00 Save 8 %
High pressure washer 2000 watt (TGT1122)
Rs. 22,500.00
High pressure washer 2800watt (TGT1126)
Rs. 46,000.00

High pressure washer: Best quality High pressure washer 

Hardware pasal provides you with the best quality high pressure washer available in the market at a genuine price. Choose us for the best quality high pressure washer. 

Buy High Pressure washer for best price in Nepal

High pressure washer online in Nepal: Get wide selection on high pressure washer at for best price. Wide selection on high pressure washer ranging from 1200 watt to 2200 watt from selection of brands.

Price of High pressure washer in Nepal

High pressure online in Nepal: Starting price of high pressure is 7500 and it goes all the way upto 1 Lakh and baove depending on brands and its specification. Currently we only have high pressure washer for home use priced according to theit respective watt. 

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