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Rs. 6960 Rs. 5890 Save 15 %
Rs. 10799
Rs. 7699
Rs. 5899
Rs. 5299
Rs. 16599

Chopper and Blender - Buy Chopper and Blender online in Nepal 

Choppers and Blenders from Brand Baltra are available at Hardwarepasal. Visit our website  for further more details. We have amazing collection of Chopper and Blender online. Choose your favorite Chopper and Blender and order it online

Chopper in Nepal | Hardwarepasal |

Baltra 250W Harmony Hand Chopper, Baltra 250W Apache Hand Chopper, Baltra 250W LEADER hand Chopper is available online in Nepal at hardwarepasal. We have wide range of collection in Chopper and Blender. For more descriptions and product availability check out our website.

Blender: Buy Blender for best price in Nepal

Blender: Get amazing deals and discounts in Chopper and Blender in Nepal at hardwarepasal. Select the best Blender of your choice and get it delivered. We have variety of Blender such as Baltra 250W TWEETY Hand Blender, Baltra 250W Rider Hand Blender, etc. Just a click on your favorite Blender and our delivery executive will reach your place at your convenience.

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