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Exterior Paint

Apex Ultima Protek Base Coat 4 Litre
Rs. 3162
Damp Proof spark 20 Litres
Rs. 7875
Damp Proof spark 10 Litres
Rs. 3990
Damp Proof Spark 4 Litres
Rs. 1935
Apex 10 Litres
Rs. 5680
Apex 20 Litres
Rs. 11200
Ace 1 Litre
Rs. 414
Ace 4 litres
Rs. 1494
Ace 10 Litres
Rs. 3011
Ace 20 Litres
Rs. 5820
Apex 4 Litres
Rs. 2700
Apex 1 Litre
Rs. 700
Apex Ultima Protek Base Coat 10 Litres
Rs. 6930
Damp Proof 4 Litres
Rs. 3071
Damp proof 10 Litres
Rs. 6720
Damp proof 20 Litres
Rs. 13300

Buy exterior paint online in Nepal – Asian paint

At hardwarepasal you will get Asain paint Exterior Primer, Apex Ultima Clear, Damp proof and Apex Ultima Protek Base Coat. Asain paint’s sizes ranging from 1L to 20L. For details you can visit our website Select your chosen Asain paint and get it delivered anywhere in Nepal.

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Asain paint – Get wide range of deals and discounts in Asian paint. Asain exterior paints are available in Nepal at Hardwarepasal has different types of Asain paint. Hardwarepasal has fast delivery service and quality product.

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