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Hand Tools

Deli Cutter Blade Pro 2011
Rs. 150
Miles Stapler TS-2313A
Rs. 1495
Total 6Pcs File Set THT91462
Rs. 350
Total 450 Watt Paint Spray Gun TT3506
Rs. 3500 Rs. 3299 Save 6 %
Total Spray Gun TAT10401
Rs. 1700
Total Air Blow Gun TAT3031
Rs. 400
Total 12mm Staples THT39122
Rs. 120
Total 3 in 1 Staple Gun THT31143
Rs. 1200 Rs. 980 Save 18 %
Ingco 1/2" Air Impact Wrench AIW12562
Rs. 7920 Rs. 7200 Save 9 %
Ingco 16mm Air Blow Gun ABG031
Rs. 320
Ingco 12” 305mm TCT Saw Blade TSB130523
Rs. 2200 Rs. 2000 Save 9 %

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Hand tools is a device which operates with bare hand without any electricity and power. Hand tools are used for our day to day activities. Since early days hand tools have been used to complete DIY work. You can shop different types of hand tools at These hand tools are used for performing different task or some specific function. While using hand tools proper knowledge of the tool is very important than speed of work.

Buy different types of Hand tools online in Nepal – Hardwarepasal

Different hand tools available at hardwarepasal:


Hammers are intended to deliver high force on a small area. It is made from a good grade of tool steel. The handle of the hammer is made of hard wood. Hammers are classified based on their shapes as: Ball Peen hammer, Cross Peen hammer and Straight Peen hammer. The ball peen hammer is the most common type of hammer used in a machine shop.

Screw Drivers:

Screw drivers are of several kinds. Each is unique for its own purpose. Therefore it is necessary for a tool maker to have a set of screw drivers for all requirements.


Wrenches are used for turning bolts, nuts, pipes, etc. There are a large number of wrenches available which derive their names from their characteristic shape, form the object they are used to turn or from their construction.

The Bench Vise:

In order to hold the work piece in place, the bench vise is used. It prevents the movement of the work piece while working on it and makes the handler’s job very easy. Vises are of various kinds but the basic requirements of a bench vise are a fixed jaw, a movable jaw, a screw and a nut fastened to the movable jaw and a handle by which the screw is rotated.

Hacksaw Frames:

Hacksaw frames are used in carpentry for sawing purposes. They are made to take 8 to 12- inch blades. The hacksaw blades are made from high grade steels which are tempered and hardened. Because of its hardness, the blades tend to be very brittle. In some cases though, the blades are flexible as only the teeth are hardened. This makes the hacksaw blades easy to use.

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