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Home appliances

Dingqi 15L Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner
Rs. 8000 Rs. 7200 Save 10 %
Dingqi 30Litre Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner
Rs. 18000 Rs. 16000 Save 11 %
Vacuum cleaner DAVCW90-15L Daewoo
Rs. 8500 Rs. 8000 Save 6 %
KARCHER 1000 Watt Multi Purpose Vacuum Cleaner- WD 3
Rs. 18000 Rs. 17000 Save 6 %
Bosch 1380 Watt Wet and Dry Extractor Vacuum GAS 55 M AFC
Rs. 187868
Bosch 1380 Watt We and Dry Extractor Vacuum GAS 35 L SFC +
Rs. 179117
Polycab 12” (HS) HDE Fan Super
Rs. 7040
Polycab 12” (NS) HDE Fan Super
Rs. 6656
Polycab 8” (Norm) Fan Freshner
Rs. 2491
Polycab 6” (Norm) Fan Freshner
Rs. 2195
Polycab 15” (NS) HDE Fan Super
Rs. 7040
Polycab 9" (HS) ES Fan Freshner
Rs. 3162

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