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grease & spray gun

Berrylion Garden Water Gun 020602007
Rs. 300
Ingco Plastic Trigger Nozzle HWSG092
Rs. 380
Milwaukee Chem. Fluid Sprayer Tank M18BPFP-CST
Rs. 42375
Milwaukee 18Volt Grease Gun M18GG-201C
Rs. 59325
Milwaukee 12 Volt Grease Gun M12GG-401B
Rs. 41250 Rs. 50285 Save -22 %
Total HVLP Air Spray Gun TAT10601
Rs. 2500
Total 45 Liter Air Grease Lubricator THT118452
Rs. 20000
Total 750 cc Air Washing Gun TAT20751
Rs. 944
Total Air Blow Gun TAT3031
Rs. 413
Total 400CC Grease Gun THT111051
Rs. 1298
Total Spray Gun TAT10401
Rs. 1416
Plastic Trigger Nozzle THWS010301
Rs. 350
Eastman Lever Type Grease Gun E- 2071A
Rs. 1405
Eastman 10 Kg Grease Bucket Pump with Trolley E-2261
Rs. 11548
Eastman 5 Kg Grease Bucket Pump with Trolley E-2261
Rs. 11124
Ingco 1000cc Spray Gun ASG3101
Rs. 1600

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Hand Tools: Grease & spray gun is available at hardwarepasal in Nepal. A grease gun is a common workshop and garage tool used for lubrication. The purpose of the grease gun is to apply lubricant through an aperture to a specific point. The spray nozzle operates by impinging high-velocity turbulent air on the surface of filaments or films of liquid, causing them to collapse to droplets with a wide range of sizes.

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