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Car Wax & Shampoo

UV-1 Car Shampoo (Pink)
Rs. 450
UV-1 Car Shampoo (Blue)
Rs. 450
UV-1 Car Shampoo (Orange)
Rs. 450
Moto max Cream Polish
Rs. 600
Karcher 500ml Cockpit Care Matt Finish RM652
Rs. 1350
Car Shampoo Concentrate
Rs. 1200
Karcher 500ml Car Shampoo Concentrate
Rs. 1200
WAXY – Shampoo and Wax (300ml)
Rs. 390
Rs. 420
UV-1 Car Wash
Rs. 540
Out of Stock
Karcher 1L 3 In 1 Car Shampoo RM610
Out of Stock
Karcher 500ml Polish & Wax RM660
Out of Stock
WAXY – Shampoo and Wax (500ml)
Out of Stock
UV-1 Leather and Venly Polish
Out of Stock
WAXY – Leather & Tyre Polish

Buy car wax and shampoo for best price in Nepal

At hardwarepasal we have various brands for car wax & shampoo. Top brands for car wax & shampoo is UV, Waxy and Canu.  Hardwarepasal has UV car shampoo in pink, blue & orange. If you like your car to be clean, then buy car shampoo. Car shampoo removes contaminants and lubricate so they do not scratch the paint as they slide off the vehicle. The main task of the car wax is to protect your car paint from environmental influences. Applying car wax is to clean the paint. Car wax creates protective coating to your car.

Car accessories online in Nepal - Car wax & shampoo| Hardwarepasal

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Car wax & shampoo online | Hardwarepasal |

Car wax & shampoo: If you want to keep your car clean and shiny then buy car accessories online from hardwarepasal. Select the wide range of product and order it online.

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