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Total 3 Pcs High Leverage Pliers THT2K0301S
Rs. 1180
Total 10” Curve Jaw Locking Plier THT191003
Rs. 472
Total 8”/200mm Long Nose Plier THT120606P
Rs. 354
Total 7” Carpenter Plier THT290801
Rs. 413
Total 10” (250mm) Pump Plier THT281006
Rs. 472
Worksite By Pass Pruners WT6001
Rs. 990
Worksite Long Grip Pliers WT1177
Rs. 825
Worksite Long Nose Pliers WT1029
Rs. 715
Worksite Monkey Pliers Wt1129
Rs. 1089
Worksite Combination Pliers WT1248
Rs. 759
Worksite Combination Pliers WT1247
Rs. 715
Eastman 10" Lock Grip Plier CRV E- 2252
Rs. 1173
Eastman 10/250mm Water Pump Plier/ Monket plier  E- 2030A
Rs. 403
Eastman  6/150mm Long Nose Plier E-2023
Rs. 381
Eastman 6/150mm Side Cutting Plier E- 2022
Rs. 381
Eastman 6” Combination Plier E- 2020
Rs. 370

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