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Doom light

Doom light - B3920/550
Rs. 10068
Doom light - B3920/420
Rs. 6407
Doom light - B3920/320
Rs. 5797
Doom light - B3920/260
Rs. 2965
Doom light -B3929/500
Rs. 7630
Doom light - B3845/320
Rs. 57800
Doom light - B3845/420
Rs. 6410
B3929/300 - Doom light
Rs. 4580
Doom light - B3929/400
Rs. 5800
Doom light  - B3804/300
Rs. 5190
B3804/400 - Doom light
Rs. 5800
B3804/500 - Doom light
Rs. 8420
B3809/300 - Doom light
Rs. 5186
Doom light  - B3809/400
Rs. 5780
Doom light - B3809/500
Rs. 8420
Doom light - B3866/400
Rs. 5800

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You can get a wide range of doom lights online in Nepal at You can select various types of doom lights online. Hardwarepasal is a user friendly platform for doom lights and has varieties of doom lights online.  You can have wide range of varieties in doom Lights.

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Doom light –Doom light is an interior cabin light with a dome-shaped cover attached to the ceiling. Doom lights are available online at Doom lights are available in different shapes and sizes. Its available in square and circle shape with an option to place on the ceiling or inside the ceiling. Choose for all your lighting needs. 

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